coach cologne review

very nice scent. Longevity isn’t the best but wearing it now I’ve had roughly 7.5 hours so far which is quite good! I can’t see how they justify the price of this. As it dries down, it doesn’t change all that much for me. Smells good and has decent staying power. Go pick up a bottle of Brut and you’ll see! But the performance is utter trash. Nice bottle. It's gone. It's presentation is beautiful. I cant think of a time that I wouldnt want to smell like this. I like the bergamot, ambergris, and the subtle spices. Nice fragrance, sampled it, sprayed it and wore it and fiancée really liked it. I can barely smell this fragrance after 15 minutes. I find it to be a good wear, however, at its price I don’t think I’d buy a full bottle.

Sweet bottle too. Very versatile, mass appealing and pleasant fragrance. Its so clean and safe. It's a warm and cozy scent to me. The cologne will truly make you feel like a new man. I don't think it's gone already by then but the sweetness of the pear note fades then it just becomes a pretty generic modern cologne smell.

I didnt think anything could be worse than D&G The One, but this might take the cake. Very weak. smells gorgeous but poor longevity.

Before that, Lucas worked at a Men’s Fashion Care where he taught Fashion to individuals. It is a nod to femininity and evokes an adventurous and free spirit. Several female co-workers who have never complimented me before have given me compliments. Next, the heart is a more earthy scent. Great top note,pleasant dry down but nothing special 7/10. I'm reminded of BDC because of opening has same effect on me which is piercing to my liking. It’s performance is concerning and it doesn’t have any uniqueness to really capture my attention. typical versace dylan blue and bdc vibes. In comparison to the leatherware series, this is a far cry.

This gives the fragrance a masculine and seductive finish. I have a BDC EDT opening vibe but powdery version of it, for me it has piercing not sure if grapefruit or pear that will hit straight to your nostrils and brain that may induce a temporary mild headache, but after that initial 20sec, it will become a fruity sweet powdery blue shower type fragrance which is nice.

but there's way better colognes out there for the price. I find that the scent trail/sillage of this fragrance smells far better than it does up close. it's not great imo.

However, I recommend saving it for fall. this sells like hotccakes on ebay and for not great deals. Highly complimented and highly recommend. Three hours in ...and poof * Keyser Soze voice * It's gone. Coach for Men by Coach is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. This means that most customers are very satisfied with it.

They at least seem within the same ballpark to me.

4.14 You will not find a woman on the planet that does not like this..Buy it and spray heavy, but carry a big stick to fight the ladies off. This provides a perfectly harmonious blend with the top notes. COACH Eau de Parfum is a reflection of the lifestyle in downtown New York City. For the price that Coach charge for this fragrance, I think your money is best spent elsewhere. I get about 6 hours of really good performance. That’s what they were going for, it just didn’t workout completely.

It's pleasant (and versatile) stuff but certainly doesn't wow me enough to buy a bottle right now as I have other dumb reaches. I do get hints of cardamom and coriander, after about an hour, but they aren’t too powerful and get outshined by everything else in here. A must-have fragrance in my opinion. Very safe to use. Beautiful bottle though. It is very versatile and can easily fit into a variety of lifestyles and occasions.

Coach for Men is a woody scent with a fresh opening, developed by IFF perfumers Anne Flipo and Bruno Jovanovic. It competes with versace Dylan blue, Jimmy Choo for men, and bvlgari aqva atlantiqve in the same category. Not great performance from this i am afraid it disappears after 30 mins.. i am so disappointed, as i love coach platinum and original coach ...I bought a full bottle . Starting with a note: it is better than Sauvage, way, way, way better. This tag has the word coach engraved into it. This smells like cologne. good perfume, a bit generic...but weak performance. Pass. 8.5/10. BEST SMELLING MEN'S FRAGRANCES FOR UNDER $30. It won't make you stand out, but it's still a very solid fragrance. I get a generic fresh citrus opening backed by some mild cardamom spice. The bad projection can be a good thing however, if you dont want to offend anyone. Online right now: 1470, Fragrantica in your language: For the first 30 minutes this scent was very strong on my skin, after that I noticed it died down to a nice point where it could be smelled from about 2 feet away from me. Beautiful scent. This was my big blind buy for 2018. It's just a warming, homey scent.

This is my first time sampling Coach and it reminded of something I smelled in middle school (early 90s). I’m getting strong Montblanc Legend (Intense) vibes from this. Read more about, Remarkable Men’s Cologne Gentlemen Only Intense Review, Where to Buy Azzaro Wanted By Night to Get an Authentic Perfume, Quick Review of Yacht Man Blue Cologne For Men. In today’s fragrance review, we have Coach for Men, which was released in the past few years and has enjoyed some popularity. I love it but be sure to reapply ever couple hours.

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