inductor energy

When a electric current is flowing in an inductor, there is energy stored in the magnetic field.Considering a pure inductor L, the instantaneous power which must be supplied to initiate the current in the inductor is . They also showed that the magnitude of voltage is dependent on the rate of change of flux.

The basic construction of an inductor contains an insulated (enameled) wire wound. Brief about Building Automation Systems.

An inductor is a passive circuit element which stores energy in the form of the magnetic field. In case of not supported by an internal core, is called air-core inductor. Energy in an Inductor. The current increases losses by producing heat.

Where for high frequencies, the core is made of soft ferrite because of not producing high eddy current losses.

Inductors resist change in current and they are commonly used in electronic circuits avoiding current surges. Inductors are passive electrical components which store energy in the form of a magnetic field. An inductor is a passive circuit element which stores energy in the form of the magnetic field. Where stored energy can be find by integrating both sides up to charging time, $\int_{t_{0}}^{t}{p (t)dt}=L\int_{t_{0}}^{t}{i(t) \frac{di}{dt’}} dt’$, $W_{Stored}=L\int_{i(t_{0})}^{i(t)}{i ‘(t)} di^{‘}$, $W_{Stored}=L\frac{1}{2}\lbrack i(t)^{2}-i(t_{0})^{2}\rbrack $. The induced voltage causes current inside the core, which is called Eddy current. If the inductor is initially not charged or left unconnected for a long time, so the initial current  $i(t_{0})$ will be zero.

If there is only one path for current the combination of inductors will be called series combination, as shown in the diagram below. It also confines the magnetic flux near the winding and increases the flux linkage. It can be represented mathematically.

so the energy input to build to a final current i is given by the integral Inductance is the measure of the property of an inductor that it opposes the change in current flow. In another case, the winding is supported by an iron core, which is called an iron core inductor.

The Lenz Law state that the direction of the induced voltage is always such that it opposes its cause which produces it.

Energy stored in the inductor is the multiplication of current through inductor and voltage across it.

In 1800’s Oersted, showed that current carrying conductor produces a magnetic field around it. As the core inside the inductor is subjected to the magnetic flux of the inductor.

As discussed earlier that the magnetic flux is directly related to the current flowing through it. The winding may be supported by a core or not.
Energy. Michal Faraday and Joseph Henry discovered that a changing magnetic field can produce a voltage across its neighboring circuits. To counter the eddy current losses, the core is made of laminations, the iron thin plates insulated from each other. It stores electric energy in the form of the magnetic field during the charging phase and releases the same energy to the circuit in the decay phase.

Practically the inductor shows some resistance, which absorbs part of the apparent power and reduces the efficiency of the inductor.
The energy stored is represented by the graph below. He is now working as a professional engineer for an internationally recognized organization as well as he is pursuing his master degree. Now applying KCL to the above diagram will give us the following equation, We know that voltages are same in a parallel combination, so putting that into the above equation, $i_{T}=\frac{1}{L_{1}}\int{vdt}+\frac{1}{L_{2}}\int{vdt}+\ldots +\frac{1}{L_{n}}\int{vdt} i=\frac{1}{L}\int{vdt}$, $i_{T}=(\frac{1}{L_{1}}+\frac{1}{L_{2}}+\ldots +\frac{1}{L_{n}}) \int{vdt}$, So equivalent inductance in case of the parallel combination will be, $\frac{1}{L_{eq}}=\frac{1}{L_{1}}+\frac{1}{L_{2}}+\ldots +\frac{1}{L_{n}}$. So inductor opposes a change in current either positive change or negative change explained by the Lenz Law.

If multiple inductors are connected such that there are multiple paths for current to flow, such combination is called parallel combination. So, when the current increases the flux also increases, this change in flux causes a voltage to induce in such direction that opposes the existing current.

The current flowing through the inductor generates the magnetic field where the energy is actually stored.

Just like capacitors and resistors, the inductor is also available in the market from few micro-Henry to tens of Henry, which may be fixed or variable. His keen interests include Electronics, Electrical, Power Engineering. Introduction to Microcontroller and its Benefits, What is Smart Building? An inductor is not anticipated to dissipate energy, it only stores energy and then delivers it to the circuit when required. After few years, Ampere showed by taking some careful experiments that magnitude of magnetic flux is directly related to the amount of current flowing through it. This is “choking” and that’s why inductors are called Choke. What is inductor, inductance and How it store energy, current through inductor and voltage across it, 10 LED Lighting electronic project ideas for fun, Resistor Color Coding System Explained: Calculator and Example, Explain: What is Resistor and Different Types of Resistor, What are Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and its purpose, The process of Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly: Introduction to PCBA, What is Automation?

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