kindergarten starters curriculum

For years, we have watched little miracles grow. Online registration are open for KG1 to Grade 5 for the next academic year 2021-2022. Additional mandatory fees approved by KHDA for the academic year 2019-2020: Expression in Song is a musical project where children are taught and sing songs based on suitable themes.

The learning from these expeditions is further extended and shared in lessons. The Kindergarten Starters hosts an annual music festival to encourage and develop confidence and artistic talent in the children. Whodunnit???!!!! While an element of healthy competition has been introduced, this festival promises to give children an early exposure to a charming, uninhibited theatrical experience. It has also impacted positively student conversational skills in Arabic and English. Kindly click on ‘Enroll Online’. The primary curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life—spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. Reggio Emilia Approach at KGS – a unique, innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education. A thematic approach with meaningful cross curricular connections makes learning at KGS more interesting and long lasting. Alongwith with fun and excitement, such events help to develop healthy competition. The curriculum committee meets every week to review the transaction of the curriculum and to review the curriculum objectives on a regular basis. While an element of competition has been introduced, this festival promises to give children an early exposure to a charming uninhibited theatrical experience. A wide range of hands on, relevant, first-hand opportunities and multi-sensorial learning experiences have been provided for all Kindergarten students to develop these skills in a diverse and intellectually stimulating environment. By continuing to browse this website you accept our cookie policy.

Since April 2013, the learning approach in KGS has evolved from the conventional text book learning to a more blended e-learning approach with a judicious mix of hands on exploration and interactive learning through e-resources. The expeditionary learning approach has stimulated student curiosity and has helped them think beyond the realms of their classrooms. The KGS primary curriculum aims to provide a broad learning experience and encourages a rich variety of approaches to teaching and learning that cater to the different needs of individual children. This approach believes that children are capable of constructing their own learning, collaborating socially and communicating through their own investigations, with the environment as their third teacher.

This helps build confidence and gives the children exposure on stage. IEPs support SEND student helping them achieve specific targets. The Kindergarten Starters hosts an Inter School Music Festival to encourage and develop confidence and artistic talents in the young students.

This event is conducted on the 24th October every year and involves students of many Primary Schools.

Online interactive learning platforms have been implemented as a means of extending learning beyond the physical boundaries of the text book and the classroom through reliable and creative e resources such as Mc Graw Hill, Language Garden, Tumble books, Capstone,  Math Whizz and Mind Spark.

Another positive aspect of this school is its inclusive policy . Click here to enrol online We are conducting school tours from Saturday to Thursday. The entire KGS Curriculum has been redesigned and enriched beyond the CBSE expectations to match International standards. Physical Education is, therefore a vital part of learning. Across Both Kindergarten and Primary: The curriculum is diverse, creative, personalized with accommodations, exemptions and modifications to meet the needs of all students.

They already display the inherent traits of a social and scientific researcher as they attempt to make sense of their own personal world.Forensic principles and concepts can be used as a pedagogical tool in the classroom to hone a multitude of skills such as scientific discovery, effective communication, keen observation, critical thinking, fact-based prediction, judicious decision making, co-operative learning and ethical inquiry.The amalgamation of forensics with the curriculum aims to provide a highly contextualized setting for multisensory and extensive learning through the creation and utilization of ‘Mock Crime Scenes’. They learn to appreciate the various art forms and in the process, have fun. We use it to bring out meaning in speech, to improve pronunciation and to express humour. The hope is that they will aim for high ideals and be enthused to use their formative aspects of learning to improve their own quality of life as well as make the world a better place to live in.

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