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Further preferred embodiments and modifications of the present invention are defined in the dependent claims. 1; FIG. The further needle 14, the small tube 16 and the filter 18 commonly form a unit which is provided as a means for controlling pressure inside the vial 8. where P is the pressure of the gas, V is the volume of the gas, n is the amount of substance of gas (also known as number of moles), R is the ideal or universal gas constant (equal to the product of the Boltzmann constant and the Avogadro constant), and T is the temperature of the gas.

Moreover, preferably the first air tube 34, the second internal tubing 36 and the second air tube 38 may integrally form a single-piece unit or tube. Micrel sells several accessories designed to make its infusion pumps even more portable, including battery packs, power adaptors and rucksacks to carry the devices in. Preferably, the internal volume per length can be higher than the rest of the tubing also for a small upstream portion of the bent portion extending along a small number of degrees, in particular about 5 to 7 degrees. So, along the outlet portion 32c of the first internal tubing 32 a smaller volume per length is created in contrast to the standard volume per length along the bent portion 32b.

5 and 6 show a second preferred embodiment which is more suitable for more viscous drugs wherein similar or same components are designated by the same reference numerals as already provided in the first embodiment. Baxter International American healthcare firm Baxter International was founded in 1931 as the first-ever commercial manufacturer of intravenous solutions. Further, the casing 24 includes a small size controller (not shown) for ambulatory use which controller comprises electronics, screen, batteries, motor etc. The hydrophobic membrane filter 18 is provided to prevent leakage in case of an accident and to purify air for anti-contamination. Key features of the Rythmic™ Evolution portable pump: These parameters can also be changed by the doctor over the internet by using a safe telemetry process. An infusion pump device comprises a pumping means having a fluid inlet which is adapted to be connected to a vial for taking fluid out of the vial and a fluid outlet which is adapted to be connected to an infusion catheter, and a controlling means which is adapted to be connected to the vial and to control pressure inside the vial so as to avoid occurrence of underpressure at the fluid inlet. To avoid this, the unit formed by the further needle 14, the small tube 16 and the filter 18 takes care of venting the vial 8 so as to equalize the pressure inside and outside the vial 8 and, thus, to have the pressure inside the vial 8 always equal to atmospheric pressure. 8, the first internal tubing 32 comprises an inlet portion 32a, the already aforementioned U-shaped bent portion 32b and an outlet portion 32c connected to the outlet fluid 6.

So a nurse who is in charge of a patient will receive an SMS describing the problem encountered with the pump or the treatment, or be informed that in a given time the drug reservoir must be replaced. 5 in a modification of the fluid pumping layer so as to realize a pulseless infusion. These parameters can also be changed by the doctor over the internet by using a safe telemetry process.

As already mentioned above, the further needle 14 can alternatively form a dual lumen together with the aspiration needle 10 in one part, or be embodied as a thin vented spike. Further, as already mentioned above, an additional inclination sensor can be provided to monitor the orientation of the vial 8 so that the vial 8 is assured to be arranged in an essentially vertically orientation, and is adapted to give a warning signal in case the vial 8 has been moved into an inclined or tilted orientation by a number of degrees exceeding a predetermined threshold defining a certain number of degrees. 8, the cross-section of the outlet portion 32c of the first internal tubing 32 is smaller than the cross-section of the bent portion 32b of the first internal tubing 32. FIGS. The Micrel MP-101 Syringe Driver gives health care professionals an effective and efficient infusion system for delivery of small volume medications. The tubing 32 is pinched by having a squeezed and flat configuration and, thus, a minimal internal volume from the last occlusion point in the circle until the point where the engagement roller 44 has fully released from the tubing 32. Micrel - Mini Rythmic PN Ambulatory infusion pump. 5 the upper portion 2b of the housing is shown in a removed position spaced from the lower portion 2a of the housing for a better illustration of internal components of the pumping mechanism 2.

The first embodiment as described above with reference to the FIGS.

Micrel's new Rythmic i-PCEA, the first CE Marked webprogrammable ambulatory pump, is an example of feedback used for therapy enhancement. As further shown in FIG. FIGS. 1 to 4, the fluid outlet 6 of the pumping mechanism 2 is provided for coupling an infusion tubing 20 with an infusion needle 22 mounted at its free end. As illustrated in FIG. FIG. 1. Click for automatic bibliography There is no real time reported feedback on therapy results or side effects, so it is necessary for doctors to change the protocol or drug as early as possible. As a result, the aspiration of drugs with higher viscosity such as immunoglobulins or DuoDopa® is easily achieved with higher accuracy. The doctor rarely knows the correct programming of a regional analgesia pump, so many patients stay at the hospital until the doctor finds a working protocol.

Intravenous catheters infuse drugs into the body and can send back information about the effects of the infusion so that the drug therapeutic index can be increased by controlling infusion parameters.

7. As further seen in FIG. All rights reserved. It is an object of the present invention to provide an infusion pump device with the simplest possible procedure for preparation and infusion. A similar effect is achieved along the second internal tubing 36 above the first internal tubing 32. Known from the prior art are linear or rotary peristaltic pumps for infusion of drugs wherein a connection upstream directly or through a tubing and a spike is provided to a drug reservoir. (Minneapolis, MN, US). other than 2. In case of using spikes or needles, the pump aspirates the drug directly from the vial through a spike or needle which punctures a rubber bung closing the vial, wherein the procedure only requires the cleaning of the rubber bung, insertion of the spike or needle and then infusion and is, thus, very simple for the user. To the fluid inlet 4 connected is a first internal tubing 32 which comprises a bent portion having an U-shape and is arranged in a stationary manner within the lower portion 2a of the housing of the pumping mechanism 2 as shown in FIG. The pump is also supported by a wide range of Accessories and offers real mobility to patients.

This causes the volume of air forced due to the rotation of the rotor 40 out of the pumping mechanism 2 into the vial 8 to be about twice as the volume of the fluid pumped out of the vial 8 into the infusion tubing 20 by the pumping mechanism 2 due to the rotation of the rotor 40. US 20120016295 A1. This is necessary since the aspiration needle 10 does not allow air to pass through the bung 12 of the vial 8, and, as the drug fluid decreases in the vial 8 which is a closed container, the pressure also decreases according to the ideal gas law.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide accuracy under worst case conditions and a linear flow in rotary peristaltic pumps. 8 shows an infusion pump device according to a third embodiment which differs from the second embodiment according to FIG. Moreover, as shown in FIG. For coupling the vial 8 to the pumping mechanism 2 there is provided an aspiration needle 10 which is connected to the fluid inlet 4 of the pumping mechanism 2 and is further adapted to puncture a rubber bung 12 closing the vial 8 (cf. Preferably, this filter 18 is embodied as a hydrophobic membrane filter. Preferably, the frame or casing 24 may comprise mounting means (not shown) which are adapted to ensure that both the needles 10, 14 puncture the bung 12 of the vial 8 at the same time through a single movement of the vial 8 when being mounted. Preferably, the aspiration tube 30, the fluid inlet 4, the first tubing 32 and the fluid outlet 6 can integrally form a single-piece unit or tube. generation, Method of controlling an irrigation/aspiration system, Absorbent article having a pocket for receiving and storing faeces and method for its manufacture, Combination treatment catheters and post treatment stents, Holding Device for Locking the Head of a Syringe Piston on a Syringe Pump Pusher, Catheter balloon with multiple micropleats, Removal of targeted proteases with proteinaceous wound dressings containing growth factors, Antibacterial chest tube, surgical drain, port or access line securing device, AIR SUCTIONING AND FILTERING DEVICE HAVING INSTANTLY AVAILABLE AIR SUCTIONING AND THERMAL SENSING, Devices, Methods and Systems for Wireless Control of Medical Devices. The present invention relates to an infusion pump device comprising a pumping means having a fluid inlet which is adapted to be connected to a vial for taking fluid out of the vial and a fluid outlet which is adapted to be connected to an infusion catheter. The casing 24 is constructed such that stability in a vertical operating position for the vial 8 is given as shown in FIGS. 2 is an exploded view of the infusion pump device according to the first embodiment of the present invention in an upside-down orientation over FIG. Micrel Medical Devices holds European and US patents for this technology. Mueting, Raasch & Gebhardt, P.A. Meet the Mighty Pack, the first medical backpack designed for patients, by patients. Today's practice is to infuse drugs unattended, based on an early clinical study that specified a 'blind' prescription rule. Since the first internal tubing 32 is filled with the drug fluid taken out of the vial 8 into the fluid inlet 4 and to be guided out of the fluid outlet 6 into the infusion tubing 20, the local squeezing of the first internal tubing 32 by an engagement roller 44 during rotation of the rotor 40 results in a pumping operation effecting the pumping of the fluid from the fluid inlet 4 to the fluid outlet 6 of the pumping mechanism 2. 6, the inlets of the first and second internal tubings 32 and 36 and the outlets of the first and second tubings 32, 36 each are arranged one above the other as it becomes clear from FIG. the side effects of a patient who is borderline for the drug can be prevented by reducing or stopping infusion before the side effects become dangerous and so the toxic limit for the patient's genotype can be found. 2, 4 and 5, the vial 8 is shown in an operational position which is the most common and, thus, normal operational position where the vial 8 is inverted with its top down so that it is sufficient to provide both the needles 10, 14 or the corresponding spikes with more or less the same length which may be relatively short. No. As further shown in the FIGS. , With infusion rates from 0.1 to 400.0 ml/hr (0.1 to 999.9 mg/hr) and a variety of infusion modes c

The method used by medical personnel is the automatic process of 'trimming within limits' preset by the doctor.

In order to realize this, the provision of an extra cam and follower is suggested by U.S. Pat. The pumping mechanism 2 which is a rotary peristaltic mechanism here is preferably constructed in a similar manner as disclosed in e.g. Furthermore, an inclination sensor (not shown) may be provided which electronically detects if the inclination of the vial 8 is more than a certain number of degrees, e.g. Further, such spikes may be preferably embodied commonly as a dual lumen unit.

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